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Super Strong Water Tape

Super Strong Water Tape

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Scope of application: smooth and flat, wipe clean surfaces without dust/oil/dirt, such as: water pipes, buckets, washbasins, etc.;

Inapplicable scope: corrugated pipes, braided pipes, curved faucets, various hoses, various joints, cement surfaces, hot water pipes,

heating pipes, high-pressure water pipes, it is recommended to use them at room temperature.

1. Not suitable for uneven surfaces, water pressure is too high, water temperature is too high.
2. Cannot be used in hot water pipes and heating pipes.
3. It is recommended to use the temperature at 5-50°, too high or low temperature will affect the viscosity of the glue.
4. This product is very sticky. Once it is attached, it cannot be re-teared or re-attached. It cannot be used again.


1. The actual color of the item may slightly differ from the pictures displayed on the website due to factors such as monitor brightness and lighting conditions.
2. Please allow a slight deviation of ±2cm in manual measurements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Meir Gafni
Highly Recommend

Excellent product. Great value for the price and very strong.

Liel Tzur
Best Tape for Leaks

Best tape for fixing damages and leaks. Highly recommend.

Assaf Zohar
Great for Emergency Repairs

Very sticky and effective. Perfect for home repairs and sealing leaks.

Avner Dekel
Great for Outdoor Use

Great for outdoor use and home repairs. Very strong and durable.

Gili Samet
Easy to Use

Highly recommend this product. It stopped the leak and fixed my water bucket.